Sunday Roundup

Some of this week’s religion and gender news:

I’m a Catholic Latina and I’m on the Pill: Lucy Panza reflects on a study showing that 85% of Latinas support taking the birth control pill, and 96% think family planning is a good thing.

Huffington Post interviews Toni Tortorilla, a female Catholic priest.

A Berkeley, CA Reform synagogue just welcomed Reuben Zellman, the second transgender person ever ordained at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, as its new assistant rabbi and music director. (ht Sexgenderbody)

A new Wisconsin law requiring employers to bundle contraception coverage with prescription coverage is running into opposition from the Catholic Church.  One Wisconsin Catholic official says employees of the Church, regardless of their personal faith, “could face sanctions, even termination,” if they use their employer-provided insurance to obtain birth control.  That’s quite a catch-22 for female employes, particularly single ones – can’t get birth control, can’t get an abortion, can’t get pregnant without being married, or you face sanctions or termination.  Madness.

As a kid I was told that “the gay agenda” was all about getting “special rights” for gays.  Yea, not so much.  Being LGBT, like being part of any other discriminated against group, amplifies the effects of poverty, homelessness, lack of access to health care, and other issues of social injustice.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar say they’re ready to welcome a 20th child into their family.  Vyckie of No Quivering asks what it would take for the Duggars to decide to stop expanding their family:

So here’s what I’d like to ask Quiverfull believers:  What if God hates Quiverfull?  What if He’s embarrassed by the poor witness to ”the World” which only sees irresponsible and narcissistic parents building their own little fiefdoms?  What if God thinks Quiverfullers put too much emphasis on the “be fruitful and multiply” part of the Dominion Mandate and not enough on stewardship and “tending the garden”?  What if God (gasp!) actually values women for more than just their ability to get pregnant and have babies?  What if the Lord cares about little baby Josie ~ and wants her to have all the benefits of her mother’s loving, undivided attention?  What if God wanted to tell the Duggars to stop?

What could He do to get His message across?

Historians of marriage point out that it’s heterosexuals, and not LGBT people, who have redefined marriage

It was heterosexuals who say it needs to be voluntary, not arranged as it once was for centuries, and that it should be about love and also sexual fulfillment.

It was heterosexuals who said you should have a choice in marriage, not be required for politic, economic or social respectability.

Heterosexuals said you ought to have the right to birth control so marriage is not just about procreation.

And the final straw came when heterosexuals said, ‘Yes, we will throw out that marriage is based on opposite roles and duties and rights.’ That’s when homosexuals raised their hands and said, ‘Hey , guess what …’


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