Sunday Roundup

Things got a bit hectic last week and I took an unplanned hiatus.  Regular posting will resume tomorrow or Tuesday.  In the meantime, here’s some of the past week’s religion and gender news and blog happenings:

Vyckie of No Longer Quivering is reposting the story of her journey through Quiverfull one installment at a time, to raise funds to publish a book/resource guide for women leaving Quiverfull communities.  Three donations of any size or one new monthly sponsor unlocks a new post.  Donate here.  The first of over 30 parts(!) of the story is here.

Even conservative pollsters find growing support for gay rights.

Gay marriage causes no harm to traditional marriage, study finds. In other news, water is wet.

NOM speaker Cindy Jacobs says “girl-on-girl kissing and lesbianism is a plague on our society.” Oh brother.

(Violence trigger warning) Montana Tea Party President jokes about murdering gays and Matthew Shepard.  The Big Sky Tea Party fired Tim Randval for his comments, but some members are defending Randval and feel his firing was “unfair and hasty.”  Wow.  Tells you just how little some people think the lives of LGBT people are worth.

A Concord, NC man who “referred to himself as the ‘Christian counterpart to (Osama bin Laden)'” has been charged by the FBI for plotting to bomb an abortion clinic: Moose vowed to “End abortion by any means necessary and at any cost.” “Save a life, Shoot an abortionist.”

NY Govenor David Paterson signed an anti-bullying bill including specific protections against bullying based on sexual identity or gender identity and expression.  As Joe points out, this is just one victory in the national struggle to raise awareness about anti-LGBT bullying in schools, and groups like Focus on the Family will continue to fight to prevent bills like this from passing in other states.

Given the vehement opposition of the religious right to even the most basic sex education for teens, I thought this comparison of outcomes of American and Dutch approaches to teen sexuality was illuminating:

most American teenagers hide their virginity loss from their parents, furtively popping the cherry in risky situations, often without protection against pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections (STIs).  In contrast, most Dutch teenagers lose their virginity in their own bedrooms with their parents approval… and condoms. (Via Knitmeapony)

Cary Crall, a BYU student, was censored by the school’s student newspaper for an op-ed calling on his fellow Mormons to be honest about the real reasons for their support of Proposition 8:

A man who most of us believe is a prophet of God told us to support the amendment. We must accept this explanation, along with all its consequences for good or ill on our own relationship with God and his children here on earth. Maybe then we will stop thoughtlessly spouting reasons that are offensive to gays and lesbians and indefensible to those not of our faith. (Via Gay Marriage Watch)

GLAAD’s weekly LGBT religion news roundup is here.


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