Sunday roundup

Some religion and gender news and happenings from the past week:

Woman sues Maryland pastor over her ‘sexual purity’: I’m not really sure what to say about this.  It’s really bizarre, but at the same time the culture of women being treated as potential temptresses sounds really familiar.

Evangelical and Catholic leaders say that the inclusion of gay couples would be the “death knell” for immigration reform.  In other words, LGBT immigrants and their families don’t have the same rights as straight or cisgender immigrants – or if they do, they’re not as worth fighting for.  Because Jesus loves everyone, but he doesn’t love everyone equally.

Pro Prop 8 group files brief with 9th Circuit attacking Judge Walker and arguing that “responsible procreation and child-rearing is the animating purpose of marriage.”

Pastor in strip club shows Baptistland patterns: Good post at Stop Baptist Predators about the culture of secrecy and patterns of behavior that perpetuate abuse and coverups in Baptist churches.

The patterns in all these sorts of stories are quite similar.

The repetitive patterns demonstrate that these sorts of stories are not only believeable, but flat-out predictable. This is what you get — and far worse — when you have a system that grants power without also assuring effective oversight and accountability.

GLAAD’s weekly LGBT religion news roundup.


3 Comments on “Sunday roundup”

  1. Jordan says:

    Just starting to get caught up on things after a long vacation. One thought here:

    Who doesn’t attend church to seduce married men?!

  2. Martian says:

    Damn… that first story is just freaky.

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