Traditional Marriage includes…




Traditional Marriage includes…
1691: Whites only
1724: Blacks with permission of slave owner
1769: The wife is property
1899: Polygamous Monogamous
1900: The wife can own property
1965: Contraception legal
1967: Interracial couples
1975: Wife can have credit in her name
1981: Husband owns all property
1993: Legal marital rape
20??: Same-sex marriage


Makes one wonder what makes the anti marriage equality crowd think they have “traditional marriage” figured out this time around…

From Blackened Butterfly via New Wave Feminism.


12 Comments on “Traditional Marriage includes…”

  1. Pocket says:

    That is awesome.
    So glad i’m allowed credit. Can’t do anything without it now days. lol

    The gay marraige thing will come soon.
    So will group marriage I think. That one may be 5o years away though… but it will also come.

    • Grace says:

      Thanks for the comment and welcome to the blog!

      Yea, credit is just a *little* bit important. I have a friend whose mom was involved in changing the laws in California so that women could have lines of credit without a man’s permission (this was the model for the national law). She was putting her husband through grad school but couldn’t buy furniture on her own! Ridiculous.

      I agree with you re: marriage equality. Harder to see poly marriages becoming legally recognized anytime soon, but who knows? There’s a lot of serious discussion of nonmonogamy these days.

  2. Jordan says:

    This is a fantastic graphic. A Google search revealed that it can be purchased here:

    And that they will ship it to me by Thursday. It is going up right above my computer screen at work. Outstanding stuff. I do not know anything about the site I bought it from, so if there is a way to buy directly from the artist that someone knows of, please pass that along.

  3. prosey says:

    I am ever again glad I added you to my blogroll! This is an awesome graphic. May I post it in my blog …with credit back to here and to the tumblr feed?

  4. Franchesca says:

    wow. thank you so much for sharing this eye opening piece. i’m proud to be a New Yorker this week now that the Marriage Equality legislation has passed! woo hoo!

  5. Hey all, this is Ariah, the designer of the above poster. So glad you guys like it! Encouraging to see all the reposts and everything.

    That link to imagekind is something I set up for folks who wanted to buy prints. I’ve been meaning to revamp it again and should get around to it. If you have any feedback on what you’d like to see it available as (t-shirt, coffee mug), let me know and I’ll try and make sure those options are there.

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