Top AWH posts of 2011 + exciting news!

I’m sure you’re all dying to know what the most popular posts (not to say the best ones) from Are Women Human? were in 2011, so here you go, a top ten list, roughly ordered by how much I like them ;)

10. Documents that led to C.J. Mahaney stepping down?
9.   Confirmed: SGM leader C.J. Mahaney to temporarily step down
8.   Reaction to Brent Detwiler’s documents – highlights
7.   Damage control at Covenant Life Church, pt. 1
6.   Mark Driscoll: If you don’t believe in hell, you’re going there
5.   Dianna Anderson: Dear Mr. Driscoll
4.  Ann Voskamp and Jesus as lover: Perspective from the Puritans, pt. 1
3.   Must read: On Cage Fighting, “Masculinity, Misogyny, and the Fear of Losing Control”
2.   Mark Driscoll Apologism Bingo (a top post in large part thanks to it being linked by Slacktivist! So exciting.)
1.   About Penn State

I guess people like reading about bizarre culty church scandals and Mark Driscoll. Go figure.

As for the exciting news: AWH is moving! I’ve been feeling constrained by the limits of as a platform, so I’m moving the blog to self-hosted WordPress. The blog’s URL will be changing, so readers will have to change their bookmarks and update their RSS feeds to the new address. I’m hoping to have the new site live on New Year’s Day (that is to say, tomorrow). I’ll make a post here when it’s up.

Happy New Year’s Eve!

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