Are Women Human? is a blog about issues of gender and sexuality in Christian communities, and broader social justice issues in the church.  AWH? exists to create greater awareness about the oppression of marginalized groups in Christian churches, provide a safe space where people can safely discuss their experiences in the church, and be a voice for greater equality and justice in the church.

AWH? is primary run by Grace, a former evangelical and agnostic, queer, cis woman of color who continues to hold out the radical hope that someday, the church and society will recognize and respect the full humanity of women, LGBTQI people, people of color, children, the poor, and ALL people.

Email AWH? at arewomenhuman2 at gmail dot com .

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6 Comments on “About”

  1. I like this site. More, please.


  2. Henry says:

    Hello, Grace —

    My wife Lucy is a quiet follower of your blog and has told me about you several times. She and I attended an SGM for about 4 months in 2009. We had a bizarre, hurtful scenario happen while we were there and we now have a blog that details our very weird time at SGM. I thought perhaps you’d be interested so I wanted to invite you to come over and read if you’re so inclined. (It’s a long story, but Lucy is a writer, so I’d like to believe you won’t be bored.) If you click on the link, you’ll need to go to the “our sgm story” label at the top of the page to follow it chronologically. (There are newer posts on the main page, but the label has the main story told in order.) Anyway, thanks for what you do here. Keep it up.

    • Grace says:

      Hi Henry! Thanks for the comment and for the encouragement :) I have read your story. It’s definitely a bizarre saga! It’s kind of amazing. I’ve been thinking lately about how Sovereign Grace “pursues” [harangues] people over offenses so small as to often be nonexistence – like Lucy writing on her personal, anonymous blog – but hand waves and waffles over hugely significant offenses like blackmail, covering up abuse and assault, and abusive leadership. Unbelievable.

  3. Melanie says:

    Read some of the blog entries. Great job! I had a boyfriend that attended Mars Hill in Seattle and so I have heard many a Mark Driscoll sermon. Unfortunately.

    • Grace says:

      Melanie – thanks for the comment and welcome to the blog! I can imagine that hearing Driscoll’s preaching on a regular basis would be an uncomfortable experience. I find it difficult to listen to him for more than a few minutes at a time. Bleh!

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