Comments policy

New to Are Women Human? Read this and the About page before commenting.

1) Comments are moderated. This is not a free speech zone. The right to free speech is a protection against government censorship of and retribution against individual expression. This is a blog – more to the point, my blog – not a government; there is no “right” to free expression here.

2) Not all viewpoints are equally welcome or valuable. This blog is intended as a safer space for people who have experienced abuse and abusive cultures, particularly in Christian churches. Any comment that harms, alienates, mocks, or dismisses the people for whom this blog is intended may be edited, redacted, or deleted as I see fit.

(cf.: On comments, safe spaces, and free expression on my blog, and at Tiger Beatdown: The notion that all viewpoints are valuable, Curating Safe(r) spaces in comments)

3) Comments that fall under the following categories are very likely to be moderated:

– Personal attacks
Derailing the conversation
– Apologism of any kind for bigotry, abuse, or oppression (e.g., Mark Driscoll Bingo)
– Victim blaming and other potentially triggering content
–  Proselytizing of any kind, the key distinction here being telling other people what to do and what to believe rather than sticking to sharing your own faith experiences.

4) Offending comments from visitors who obviously haven’t paid attention to the comments policy, or enough of the blog to have any clue what it’s about, and/or are rude, pushy, or patronizing, are liable to end end up summarily mocked and/or shared as cautionary examples of how not to comment respectfully and thoughtfully on a stranger’s blog. In other words: if you troll my blog, don’t be shocked if you get trolled right back.


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