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5 Comments on “Contact”

  1. John Shore says:

    I like your blog (and just put up a note saying … well, exactly that, on my FB page: )

  2. bookgazer says:

    Umm…are you the person who writes the blogs about SGMS?

  3. John says:

    Sandusky’s victims were mainly white, as confirmed by the NYTimes.

    One thing to consider in the future is to check specific demographics rather than generalizing about who constitutes the poor or single-parent households. The only known victim lives in Clinton County, the racial makeup of Clinton County is 98.29% White, 0.52% Black

    • Grace says:

      Thanks for the information, John. I’ll update the post to reflect that.

      I’m aware that State College and the areas around it are predominantly white; that doesn’t necessarily imply anything about what the demographics of the population served by the Second Mile charity are. But as I said in my first edit of the post, race privilege remains a factor here even if Sandusky only ever targeted white boys.

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